ADR Database & Ombuds-Related Links

Below is a listing of links* to other organizations and information associated with the field of conflict resolution. 

Related Organizations and Networks

Ombudsman and other alternative dispute resolution (ADR) practitioner organizations and networks

Information Resources

> Beyond Intractability knowledge base (University of Colorado)

    * 500+ Book and Article summaries related to conflict resolution (part of Beyond Intractability website)

    * 350+ Articles and Essays related to conflict resolution (part of the Beyond Intractability website)

> The Organizational Ombudsman: Origins, Roles, and Operations - A Legal Guide

> The Ombuds Blog

> Declaration of Best Practices for University of California Ombuds Offices

> Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School

> The Institute for Collaborative Engagement


> Ethics World

> The Center for Non-Violent Communications

> The Consortium on Negotiation and Conflict Resolutions at Georgia State University College of Law

> Campus Conflict Resolution Resources Project

> Institute for Conflict Analysis and Resolution at George Mason University

News of the Ombudsman World (classical Ombuds oriented blog)

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