Proposed Bylaws Amendments

The IOA Board of Directors is calling on all voting members to cast their vote on a set of proposed amendments to the IOA Bylaws. These amendments involve a change in the IOA membership and renewal period and additional amendments pursuant to these two changes. These changes are designed to make joining and renewing easierPlease review the proposed changes with noted rationales, highlighted below. For your reference, you may also view the existing IOA Bylaws and a clean version of the proposed Bylaws.

In addition, the IOA Board of Directors has approved the below policy change that will take effect if the Bylaws amendments are approved by the membership.    

How to Vote

Voting Options: 
IOA voting members can vote online via proxy now or they can vote during the August 2019 Special Meeting (via an online webinar) taking place on Tuesday, 27 August 2019. Voters have the option to vote “For,” “Against,” or “Abstain” regarding the proposed Bylaws amendments.

Voting by Proxy:
In voting via online proxy, IOA voting members will be directing the IOA Secretary to cast a vote at the meeting on your behalf. To vote online via proxy, simply complete this online form. Proxy voting on this matter will close on Tuesday, 27 August 2019, at 7:00 AM (Pacific Time), 10:00 AM (Eastern Time). If you do not wish to cast a vote for or against the proposed amendments, we encourage you to submit your proxy indicating you “Abstain” from voting. Such a proxy would count toward the determination of a quorum for the purpose of conducting business.

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August 2019 Special Meeting of the Association

Per the provisions of Article VI, Section B.2. of the IOA Bylaws, the IOA Board of Directors is calling for a Special Meeting of the Association. The meeting will be held via a live online webinar. All IOA members are welcome to attend the meeting. Only full, retired, and distinguished emeritus members may vote.

Several board members will be available for questions during the Special Meeting, and IOA's new Executive Director, Chuck Howard, will take some time to address attendeesAll members are encouraged to attend this live webinar meeting!

Tuesday, 27 August 2019
8:00 AM Pacific Time | 11:00 AM Eastern Time

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 What Will Happen at the Special Meeting:

  • The IOA President will convene the meeting
  • The IOA Secretary will determine if a quorum of voting members is present or represented by proxy
  • If a quorum* is not present, a majority of voting members present may recess the meeting to another time and place or adjourn the meeting
  • If a quorum* is present, those attending live will be offered the opportunity to cast their vote on the proposed Bylaws amendments via a live online poll
  • Any proxies previously submitted by voting members in attendance live will be set aside by the Secretary and not counted
  • All ballots cast live or via proxy will be counted
  • The Secretary will inform the President of the outcome of the vote
  • The President will announce the outcome of the vote
  • The meeting will be adjourned

Requirements for the Proposed Amendments to be Approved: 
The IOA Bylaws may be repealed or amended, and/or additional Bylaws may be adopted at any meeting of the members of the Association at which a quorum shall be present, by a majority vote of the voting members present or represented by proxy, provided that the substance of any proposed amendment shall have been set forth in the notice of the meeting.

A quorum for the purpose of the legal transaction of business at any meeting of the Membership shall consist of twenty-five percent (25%) of the total number of Members and Retired Members, as determined by the number of Members and Retired Members present and Members and Retired Members duly represented by proxy.

Questions or Comments?
If you have any questions or comments about the Proposed Bylaws Changes or Special Meeting of the Association, please contact IOA Managing Director, Lindsay Jennings, at [email protected].

Proposed Revisions to IOA Bylaws

Article III – Membership    
Section D. Acceptance of members and duration of membership. 

1. Members of the Association shall consist of those persons whose applications for membership are accepted by the Association.Applications for membership may be submitted at any time to the Association, accompanied by a yearly membership fee in an amount to be determined by the Board of Directors.

Rationale: Unnecessary for inclusion bylaws. All applications are accepted based on members meeting published membership qualifications (see #4 below).

2. The Board will establish yearly membership fees by November 1 of the preceding year. Memberships are valid from January 1 to December 31. Memberships are valid for one year from the date of joining or renewing membership with the association.

Rationale: IOA now has the technological and staff support available to provide automatic emails for renewals and rolling, annual membership based on 12 months from a member’s join date. Anniversary memberships also allow for members to receive a full year of benefits no matter what time of year they join/renew.

3. The Membership Committee is responsible for approval of new applications.

Rationale: The IOA membership committee does not have the authority nor the bandwidth to investigate whether individuals are adhering to the standards as organizational ombuds.

4. Membership qualifications shall be published in the Association’s newsletter and/or on the website. Any person accepted as a member in any category may remain in that category for so long as the membership criteria are met and the member remains current in all dues and other obligations to the Association. Members delinquent in their dues or other obligations to the Association for 120 30 days shall, after receiving written notice of same, have their membership terminated. Any member whose membership has been so terminated and who desires to reapply for membership shall, as a condition of reapplication, be required to pay to the Association the amount due as of the date of termination.

Rationale: 120 days is not necessary based on our ability to send automated renewal reminders and invoices beginning 60 days (or even further) in advance of member renewal dates. We recommend reducing the grace period to 30 days, which is in line with association best practices for associations that provide a grace period. Additionally, by removing the 120 day long grace period prior to the annual conference early registration start date, it ensures that those registering for the discounted conference rate are current in their dues.

5. Questions concerning membership category will be resolved by the Membership Committee and, if necessary, the Board of Directors.

Rationale: Unnecessary for inclusion in bylaws. Questions regarding membership are routed to the IOA office and responded to by IOA staff and/or forwarded to the Membership Committee and/or Board of Directors as appropriate.

IOA Board Policy Change

In addition to the above bylaws changes, the IOA Board of Directors has approved the following policy be removed from the Board Policy Manual. This change will take effect if the above bylaws amendments are approved by the membership. This policy change does not need to be voted on by members. 

New members shall pay full dues upon joining the association. The dues for the second year of membership will be proportionately pro-rated for members joining after July 1st as follows:

  • 50% credit for members joining during July or August,
  • 33% for members joining during September or October.
  • Members joining during the months of November or December shall be considered paid in full for the following calendar year’s membership.

Credits may only be applied to the following year’s membership. The effective date of membership is the date the application is approved, not the date received.

This policy may be waived upon recommendation by the Membership Committee, and approval by the Board of Directors, for special membership recruitment campaigns.

Rationale: Because IOA may now offer rolling membership which allows for members to take advantage of a full year of member benefits, there is no need to have a pro-rated membership scale. Members shall pay the full dues upon joining, and for each subsequent year of membership renewal.