Volunteer Position

CO-OP® Recertification Committee

Position Description

The CO-OP® Recertification/Renewal Committee oversees the process of successful recertification for current CO-OP® Practitioners.

Responsibilities include:

  • Reviewing recertification applications in a timely manner, to ensure they are complete and to ensure each applicant has completed 60 hours of qualifying professional development (PDH) during the appropriate four-year period.
  • Communicating with applicants regarding pending applications.
  • Reviewing proposed professional development agendas and descriptions, e.g., from IOA, sector committees, and others, to determine eligibility for PDH; approving the appropriate amount of PDH for each offering.
  • Collaborating with fellow committee members to ensure the fair and timely review of all proposals and applications.
  • Liaising with the CO-OP® Board to ensure mutual understanding and application of current CO-OP® policies and practices.  

Expectations and Requirements

The Recertification/Renewal Committee seeks a CO-OP® Certified Practitioner to join the committee. Committee members estimate they spend approximately two (2) hours a month on committee-related work. The committee meets four times a year – three times via Zoom and once at the Annual IOA Conference. Existing committee members will provide orientation, training, and mentoring.

Interested individuals should notify Liz Hill, Chair, CO-OP® Recertification/Renewal Committee.