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How Do I Become an Ombuds?

Unlike many professions, the journey to becoming an organizational ombuds, does not follow a clearly identified path. The global ombuds community is filled with professionals who come from a wide variety of backgrounds. Most of the ombuds in the IOA network have a diverse range of academic credentials and professional experiences. 

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Training Map for New Ombuds

IOA Mentoring Program

The mission of the IOA Mentoring Program is to help new ombuds transition into their ombudsing role in a positive and rewarding way by connecting them with an experienced ombuds. This personal relationship provides the new ombuds an opportunity to have an ombuds friend, to gain assistance, and discuss the profession and its challenges and opportunities.

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The Value of the Organizational Ombuds Role

Whether you are in a higher ed, corporate, government, NGO/association, K-12 or research setting, adding an organizational ombuds is a proven and effective way to build and improve workplace culture, support employees and other stakeholders, and much more. 

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Ombuds-Related Networks and Groups

Connect with Ombuds Professional in Other Communities.

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