IOA Committees & Task Forces

Thank you to all of our dedicated volunteers!

The goals and objectives of the International Ombudsman Association (IOA) are achieved largely through the work of committees. Members volunteer their expertise, time, and talent to these committees and are the driving force behind IOA activities. Together, members of the Board and committee members identify the changing needs and priorities of the IOA and our professional community. Committee members meet regularly via conference call to determine how to address these needs through program development or service delivery. Periodic reports are made to the Board and the membership detailing each respective committee's activities.

All IOA committees depend on the creative talents and resources of member participants. We welcome and encourage your participation. To learn more or join a committee, please contact the chairperson of your committee of interest listed below or send an email to IOA Headquarters at [email protected]. IOA members can use the member directory to contact leadership directly.