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Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics

The IOA Standards of Practice are based upon and derived from the ethical principles stated in the IOA Code of Ethics. Each Ombuds office should have an organizational Charter or Terms of Reference, approved by senior management, articulating the principles of the Ombuds function in that organization and their consistency with the IOA Standards of Practice.

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Ombuds Effectiveness Project

The Ombuds Effectiveness team has been researching and gathering information on how ombuds share meaningful insight with their organizations. What do their reporting documents, brochures, surveys, and data look like? The goal is to bring all of this knowledge together and a training and a comprehensive toolkit to share with members.

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The Value of the Organizational Ombuds Role

Whether you are in a higher ed, corporate, government, NGO/association, K-12 or research setting, adding an organizational ombuds is a proven and effective way to build and improve workplace culture, support employees and other stakeholders, and much more. 

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Protecting the Ombuds Profession

Find key resources to help address real or potential challenges to an organizational ombuds’ ability to work to the highest possible professional standards. 

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Promoting the Ombuds Role

There are endless opportunities to increase awareness of organizational ombuds’ importance and value. Below are key resources to help ombuds and our allies promote, explain, and advocate for the ombuds role.

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Furthering the Field

The field of organizational ombuds practice is a rich and emergent area of study. This page contains helpful resources for those who are conducting research or academic inquiry into ombuds and their work.

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Ombuds Office Accessibility

As ombuds practitioners, we are obligated to serve all members of our organization’s communities. Such members undoubtedly include individuals with disabilities. Even though individuals with disabilities constitute 10 percent of the U.S. population, they may be underserved by ombuds offices.

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IOA Job Board

The IOA Job Board is designed to promote the profession and support skilled ombuds practitioners in finding jobs.

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Ombuds-Related Networks and Groups

Connect with Ombuds Professionals in Other Communities.

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IOA Practice & Compensation Survey Reports

Biannual IOA Practice & Compensation Surveys provide an important snapshot of the contemporary field of organizational ombuds based on responses from practitioners. Collected every other year by a team of researchers, the survey data allow organizational ombuds to position ourselves effectively as a profession over time. The survey data also permit us to offer targeted support to our members and to organizations interested in creating and sustaining an ombuds office. Practice & Compensation Reports are available to IOA members free of charge. Non-members can purchase the reports below. 

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