IOA Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Accessibility, and Belonging Committee


The DEIAB Committee is charged with developing education and training on DEIAB-related issues, including cross-cultural competence, that can be used to help members within their organizations grow and convey cultural intelligence; collaborate with other committees to integrate DEIB considerations into the IOA’s programs and operations; and provide feedback to the Board of Directors about intra-organizational DEIB trends and opportunities.

The DEIAB Committee has worked diligently since its inception and created a valuable framework designed to guide the IOA toward a more inclusive organization by supporting all IOA committees to develop and achieve DEIAB-related goals. Read more about the framework on the Independent Voice, IOA's blog.

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  • Nadia Ferrara, Co-Chair
  • Marilyn Molina, Co-Chair
  • Rachel S. Manders, AIS, AINS, ARC, IR, Secretary

Committee Members 

  • Stacey Aliasso Rowcliffe
  • Kirsi Aulin
  • Geoffrey Bartholomeusz
  • Tuba Bilecik
  • Jai Calloway
  • Donna Edmondson
  • Noelia Fernandez
  • Laurel Gordon
  • Brett Harris
  • Júlia Horváth
  • Teresa Johnson Ramey
  • Eileen Petzold-Bradley
  • Roberto Rodas
  • Heidi Stensby
  • Jennifer Swann
  • Sonja Trent-Brown
  • Jenny Yang

Join the Team

If you are an IOA member who is passionate about the topic of DEIAB and interested in serving on this committee then you are assured a place on the team. If you are interested in joining this or any other committee, please visit our Volunteer Opportunities page to learn more about available positions and complete our Volunteer Interest Form.

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