Distinguished Emeritus Membership Award

Recognizing Deserving Retired Members

Each year the IOA Board of Directors solicits nominations for the honor of Distinguished Emeritus membership status in recognition of outstanding and dedicated service to the organization and profession. This award is only presented once a year and the recipients receive complimentary, non-transferable, life-long memberships to IOA along with a complimentary registration to the conference for the year they receive the honor.

This honor is only awarded to a small number of IOA's retired members each year at the IOA's annual conference and includes a lifetime free membership to IOA. Nominators and nominees must both be IOA members in order to participate.

2022 Nominations Window

Please help IOA recognize deserving fellow ombuds for their accomplishments and contributions to our field by submitting a nomination for an IOA Distinguished Emeritus Member.

Learn more and submit today by downloading the nomination form. All nominations will be reviewed by our Nominating Committee and will be selected in advance of the annual conference.

The 2022 Nominations Window Is Now Closed

Nominations for 2023 will be announced later this year.

Please direct submissions and inquiries to the Nominations Committee (NGC) Chair, Reese Ramos via email at [email protected]
2022 Distinguished Emeritus Members