Get to Know the CO-OP® Board Members


Mollie Berg is the Ombuds for the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency in Springfield, VA and has served as an ombuds for the agency for 11 years. Mollie joined the Board in September 2018 and is in her third year serving as the Board President.


Amarah Khan is the Executive Director of the Seattle Office of the Employee Ombuds serving 14,000 city employees. She has served in that role for five years and joined the Board in 2020.


Diana Trillos is a licensed attorney in Colombia and New York, and a certified Organizational Ombuds. She works at the World Bank’s Ombuds Services Office and joined the CO-OP Board in Fall 2023.


Dan Marcotte lives in Indiana, is married to an amazing woman, and has three terrific children/young adults. He holds a BSBA from Boston University, an MBA from Bentley College, a Certificate in Public Leadership from the Brookings Institution, and, of course, a CO-OP certification from IOA. I have been working for the FDIC for over 33 years.

Dan is an externally facing government ombudsman. He has served as one of 6 FDIC Regional Ombudsmen for the past 9 years. His primary clients are FDIC-supervised banks (in IL, IN, KY, MI, OH, & WI), who have questions, concerns, or complains pertaining to the FDIC. He also handle complaints about our FOIA process, as well as concerns from FDIC staff that pertain to the agency’s treatment of their banks.

Dan joined the Board in November 2023. This is his second term on the board, serving as the non-IOA CO-OP board member.


Allison Monyei Whaley, J.D., CO-OP ® is the Ombuds for the U.S. Department of Defense Office of the Inspector General. Before entering the ombuds profession, she worked as an attorney, advocating on behalf of our nation’s veterans and their families. She is an active leader in the ombuds community where she acts as administrator for the Black Ombuds Network and serves on the International Ombudsman Association CO-OP® Board of Directors.

She’s been an ombuds since 2015 for a variety of institutions, including corporate, government, and higher education.

Allison joined the Board in April 2022.