Moving to Inactive Status


Any CO-OP® who experiences a change in job or organizational requirements which affects their ability to practice to the full extent of the IOA Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics can notify the Recertification Committee of the change and their need to be moved to inactive status. An individual in inactive status will not be able to use the CO-OP® credential on resumes or business cards. Additionally, individuals in inactive status will not be listed on the certification website or other IOA publications as a CO-OP®.

Application Process

Step One: A CO-OP® will identify a circumstance that would require them to disclose a change in their ability to use the CO-OP® credential with regards to point five on the CO-OP® Certification Agreement or points four or five on the CO-OP® Recertification Agreement—serving in an organizational ombuds position which no longer permits adherence to the IOA Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice—or in the case of an impending lapse in certification due to an inability to complete the required number of PDH for recertification within the four year window.

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Step Two: The CO-OP® will send an email to [email protected] requesting a move to inactive status, including the reason for the request.

Step Three: Once the Recertification/Renewal Committee has reviewed the request a member of the committee will contact the CO-OP® to verify the new status, verify the reason for the change, and communicate the process for reinstating active CO-OP® status.

Reinstatement Process

Individuals wishing to be reinstated to full CO-OP® status must be able to demonstrate that they are once again able to practice to the full extent of the SOP and COE, as well as provide proof of 60 hours of professional development within four years prior to reinstatement. A nonrefundable administrative reinstatement fee of $150 applies. 

Step One: An inactive CO-OP® sends an email to [email protected] requesting a reinstatement. Once the request is received, an invoice for the administrative reinstatement fee will be sent to the inactive CO-OP®.

Step Two: Once the invoice has been paid, a member of the Recertification/Renewal Committee will reach out to the inactive CO-OP® to verify the reason for reinstatement—adherence to Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice and/or 60 PDH within the past four years—and initiate the recertification process—verification of 60 PDH, signing of the recertification agreement, and payment of the $150 administrative fee.

Step Three: The CO-OP® will receive a reinstatement packet with their effective reinstatement date.

Online Reinstatement Application