Opportunities to be Published

By Ellen Miller, IOA Executive Director

The Ombuds Community has a variety of channels within IOA and outside of IOA to publish content about the profession and field:  

1.  Within IOA: 

  • Our Blog, The Independent Voice, is IOA's newsletter that is available to the wider ombuds community beyond IOA members. This is a perfect format to share how you got into ombuds practice (as part of the Ombuds Journey series), how you celebrated Ombuds Day, regional and affinity group gatherings, office milestones, offer perspectives on how we serve organizations and communities, and update the community on initiatives you are involved. For more information and to submit articles, please visit our blog.     
  • JIOA (Journal of the International Ombuds (formerly Ombudsman) Association)  is a peer-reviewed online journal for scholarly articles and information relevant to the ombuds profession. As members of a relatively new profession, we continually strive to understand, define, and clarify the role and function of the professional organizational ombuds.   The Journal also includes book reviews, which are an excellent way to get comfortable writing. Here is a link to more information, including a video presentation on how to get published. We have also just created a new index that can be searched for article abstracts and authors. Content for JIOA has no deadline for submission although once accepted, authors must be able to meet editorial deadlines.   

2.  Outside IOA: 

  • The ABA Section Dispute Resolution's monthly member newsletter, Just Resolutions, is devoted to ombuds each September, and they welcome you to contribute! Ideal topics include benefits of ombuds services, success stories and/or unique experiences as a practicing ombuds, concepts or theories you are implementing into your practice; research and/or ideas for fellow ombuds to consider; initiatives you are involved with, independently or with other ombuds; current events and implications for ombuds; any other new or interesting ombuds related material you are working on. The IOA will work with the ABA Section of Dispute Resolution to republish these articles on The Independent Voice, as well. More information can be found on their website. Articles are due on July 26 to [email protected]
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