An Invitation from the JIOA

By Shannon Lynn Burton, Ph.D., University Ombudsperson, Michigan State University
Editor, Journal for the International Ombudsman Association

Dear Colleagues and Friends of the JIOA,

We are pleased to announce a new initiative with the Journal for the International Ombudsman Association around book and media reviews! 

Recently, we have contacted several publishers and requested copies of a few books of which reviews could be useful to the ombuds community. If you have always wanted to review for the JIOA, but did not know what books would make for good reviews, we now have a limited number available. Standards for book/media reviews are as follows: 

  • Comment on the implications for ombuds practice.
  • Should allow ombuds to learn how the book is useful to their work.
  • Should not exceed 1,200 words.

If you are interested in reviewing one of the titles below, here is how you do it:

1. Email  [email protected] with the title of the available book you wish to review. JIOA will email you back informing you if the book you request is still available.

2. Upon approval, you will be provided with due date for your book review draft. You have 60 days to submit a draft. JIOA will mail you a copy of the book you have selected for review. If the review is completed, you get to keep the book – free as a thank you for your willingness to review! If you do not finish the review, the book must be returned to JIOA.

3. Draft must be submitted according to author guidelines found here:  It will also be reviewed according to the currently-published JIOA Review Process.

It’s that easy!  At this time, the JIOA has six titles available for review (with more to come!):

  1. Perseverance (2010) by Margaret J. Wheatley
  2. Make an Ethical Difference: Tools for Better Action (2013) by Mark Pastin
  3. Ethical Decision-Making: Cases in Organization and Leadership (2019) by Patricia A. Mitchell (ed.)
  4. A Case for Kindness: A New Look at the Teaching Ethic (2019) by Steve Broidy
  5. How to be an Inclusive Leader: Your Role in Creating Cultures of Belonging Where Everyone Can Thrive (2019) by Jennifer Brown
  6. Stewardship – 2nd Edition (2013) by Peter Block

As this list expands, we will send out updates about other books available. In the meantime, please let us know if you would like to review one at [email protected]!

Best Wishes,

Shannon Lynn Burton, PhD
Editor, JIOA

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Mary Bliss Conger - Thursday, September 26, 2019

This is great!

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