New Organizational Values/Community Norms to Launch March 22 and Member Feedback Needed on Proposed Concern and Complaint Policy and Procedures

After extensive input from IOA members and other participants, we are pleased to announce the pilot of IOA’s new Organizational Values and Community Norms that will go into effect 22 March 2023. We also invite member input on a proposed IOA Concern and Complaint Policy and Concern and Complaint Procedures.   

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Organizational Values and Community Norms

In order to create a culture where all Participants are treated with dignity and understand what is expected of themselves and each other, we have developed Organizational Values and Community Norms. Together, these Values and Norms will provide a framework for all Participants and support a collectively created, nurtured, and reinforced culture. They are not designed to inhibit dissenting views or constructive debate; rather, they are intended to remind all IOA Participants to bring their best selves to their interactions, and to respect the dignity of all IOA Participants in all IOA-sponsored activities regardless of their perspective, background, age, religious beliefs, lived experience, cultural background or state of practice.   

These Organizational Values are based on the values embedded in IOA’s Code of Ethics and the Community Norms are modeled after Community Norms used by other associations. They will be piloted from March 2023 - July 2024 and IOA will use this pilot period to learn and assess what additional educational and other support will be needed to bolster their impact. IOA Members are invited to provide continued feedback through three possible pathways: an ongoing feedback form, contacting either the President or Executive Director directly, or discussing concerns and perspectives with the IOA Ombuds.

Policy Development Process

We started with the idea that IOA needed a Code of Conduct for members and others who engage with IOA (collectively referred to as Participants). After three focus groups in August - September 2022, it became clear that we needed a more basic framework for engagement. Proposed Values and Norms were subsequently sent to the community for feedback from 15 December 2022 - 15 January 2023 and after addressing feedback, the Board of Directors approved the pilot on 1 March 2023. 

Concern and Complaint Policy and Procedures

Separate from our Organizational Values and Community Norms is a proposed Concern and Complaint Policy  and proposed Concern and Complaint Procedures. We ask for your feedback before this is finalized and also moves into a pilot stage. The Concern and Complaint Policy covers three areas:  

  • Informal Resolution for Specific Behaviors  

  • Formal Complaint for Specific Behaviors  

  • Participant Behavior Outside the Association  

While  IOA supports resolving issues at the lowest level possible, including self-resolution and informal resolution with the support of the IOA Ombuds, we also recognize that certain behaviors and experiences require the support of a formal complaint process. In addition, we understand that Participant behavior outside of IOA activities may impact either the profession or the association, and have proposed an opportunity for impacted Participants to be heard and for restorative practices to be considered. 

Feedback Mechanism and Due Date

Please provide any comments in our online feedback form no later than 15 April 2023.   

Thank you to those members who took the time to participate in previous focus groups and/or who provided feedback in earlier stages of this process. Your perspective was critical. 

Provide Feedback

Please submit by 15 April 2023.   

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Michelle Kibby - Friday, March 24, 2023

Thank you for asking and accepting feedback on this topic.

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