IOA Nominating Committee

About this Committee and Their Mission

The IOA Nominating Committee listed as a required committee in the IOA Bylaws is responsible for overseeing the nominations process for the Board of Directors and its Officers, overseeing compliance with the Bylaws to ensure a fair and open election processes. The Nominating Committee is charged to inform the Board of candidates to fill Board vacancies and inform the Board on the nominations process. The Nominating Committee also manages the nomination, review, and selection process for the Distinguished Emeritus award and submits information pertaining to eligible nominees for Distinguished Emeritus to the IOA Board for their decision.



  • Melanie Jagneaux, Baylor College of Medicine

Board Liaison & 2022-2023 IOA President

  • Ronnie Thomson, Sandia National Laboratories

Committee Members

  • Veronica Basadre
  • Dave Carver

  • Wanda Donnelly
  • Donna Edmondson

To Join the Committee

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