Reminder - JIOA Call for Papers

By Shannon Burton,

Dear Colleagues,

This past year, the Journal of the International Ombuds Association (JIOA) placed two calls for papers in special issues. The editorial board wanted to send out a reminder about these special issues along with their end dates.

  1. Mary Rowe Special Issue – Manuscripts due by April 26th, 2024 for consideration. Rowe has produced a collection of published works and invited scholarly presentations that have had, we believe, a wide-ranging influence on scholars and practitioners in our field.  Her research publications highlight several areas specific to ombuds practice including the functions and professional values of ombuds; the effectiveness and value of the role; case materials and stories; how ombuds fit into integrated conflict management systems, as well as other topics including micro-inequities and affirmations, the role of bystanders, harassment and bullying, and negotiation.  Rowe’s works have been cited by a multitude of researchers and practitioners alike as having a profound impact in how they think about the ombuds field and discuss it with their organizations. One only need to review her website at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where she served as ombuds for 42 years to see the extent of her influence:  We invite authors to submit essays that reflect on how Mary Rowe’s scholarship may have influenced their own work; how it might benefit future practitioners, scholars, and students; or any topic that involves the work of this major figure in the ombuds field.

  2. Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging Special IssueManuscripts due by September 12th, 2024.  The events of the past two years have brought issues of Social Justice front and center in the United States.  Visitors bring concerns related to the complex issues of identity, marginalization, and inclusion impacting their lives in both the workplace and in the classroom.  Shepherding the resulting conflicts generates challenges as ombuds strive to stay neutral while considering the impact of social justice on conflict management. This new special issue invites ombuds practitioners and researchers to submit papers, referencing engagement with Diversity, Inclusion, Equity and Belonging.  We welcome original quantitative and qualitative research as well as essays, case studies, interviews, and personal observations.


Information on author guidelines for the JIOA can be found on our website here: Please contact [email protected] if you have any questions. 

Thank you.

The Editorial Board, JIOA

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