New Ombuds Training

PDC Self-Assessment & Training Map 

To be successful in your role as ombuds it’s critical that you consistently evaluate yourself to identify areas of strength as well as opportunities of growth that are critical for effective ombudsing. This not only serves you and your organization, it will also help to advance the ombuds profession by ensuring that you ombuds responsibly.

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Download PDC Self-Assessment & Training Map

Recommendations & Certifications:
Harvard Bias Self-Assessment 
Thomas-Kilmann CR Styles Assessment 

Recommended Training: First-Year Ombuds

Foundations of the Organizational Ombuds

The Nuts & Bolts of Setting Up an Ombuds Office

Core Courses

  • Conflict Theory 
  • Cultural Components in Conflict
  • Examining Ethical Dilemmas
  • HR And Ombuds: Partners in Pursuit of Common Vision 
  • Listening: An Ombuds' Superpower 
  • Emotional Intelligence: You Can't Ombuds Without It 
  • Advocates for Fair Treatment Ombuds Role on DEI Issues 

Recommendations & Certifications:
Emotional Intelligence Self-Assessment 

Recommended Training: Second-Year Ombuds

Core Courses
  • Mediation Theory 
  • Effective Communication
  • Preparing the Visitor for the Facilitated Conversation
  • Crucial Conversations for Ombuds
  • Helping People Get Unstuck: Mindsets that Generate Responsibility/Possibility 
  • How Do I Market my Office? 
  • Getting Less Wrong: Understanding Cognitive Biases and their Impact on Decision-making
  • Disrupting Inequalities: Collaborating with Leaders to Address Systemic Issues

Recommendations & Certifications: 
Mediation (40 hours) 

Recommended Training: Third-Year Ombuds

Core Courses
  • Measuring Effectiveness 
  • Coaching 
  • Employing Restorative Practices for a Conflict Positive Culture
  • Establishing Trust in Groups: Lancing and Google Models in Practice
  • What's an Ombuds to Do in a Conflict Management System? 
  • Leveraging Your Annual Report to Validate Your Office and Create Sustainability
  • Ombuds as a Conflict Resolution Trainer 
  • Wellness for Practitioners 

Recommendations & Certifications: 

Recommended Training: Fourth-Year & Beyond

Core Courses

  • Cultural Understandings for Ombuds
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Everything You Need to Know for Virtual Training Success 
  • Expand the Ombuds Profession for Greater Impact 
  • Building Conflict Capability: Developing Organizational
  • Representatives to Resolve Conflict at Work
  • Workplace Conflicts and Communication Challenges 
  • Getting Our Message Out: How We Align with Business needs, Target Audiences and Track Progress
  • Disrupting Conflict Before it Starts