New IOA Resource for General Counsel and Program Designers

By Ellen Miller, IOA Executive Director 

IOA has developed a new resource to assist program designers to better understand the US case law, statutory, and other established guidance relating to ombuds confidentiality. The primer also explains why a properly structured office is an essential component to creating an implied contract between ombuds and visitors to further support the voluntary nature of the work.   

This resource meets a recurring need expressed by both ombuds and those who are developing programs and can also be tailored for other regions outside of the US. This resource will be shared at a session IOA has planned for the National Association of College of University Attorneys (NACUA)'s annual meeting later this month titled Embracing Conflict: Ombuds as Strategic Allies for Campus Counsel

View An Overview of Ombuds Confidentiality


Thanks to Sarah Klaper, University Ombudsperson at Northwestern University and Chinyere Ukabiala, College Ombudsperson, Grinnell College for their work on this program and to Jessica Kuchta-Miller, University Ombuds at Duke University and Steven Prevaux, Faculty Staff Ombuds at University of South Florida for their work speaking at the NACUA Fireside chat on May 30 that attracted over 300.    

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