Ombuds Internship Toolkit - EON Needs Your Input

By Mary Bliss Conger, Ed.D.
EON Member

Have you successfully offered an internship in your ombud office? Have you undertaken an internship in pursuit of an ombud career? Would you like to offer an internship but don’t know how?

The Emerging Ombuds Network (EON) is building a toolkit to support the development of ombuds internships. Its purpose is to clarify and simplify the process of offering an internship by aggregating resources within a coherent framework. A draft outline of the toolkit is available online here via Google Drive, where anyone can view, comment upon, and directly add to the document (please resist deleting existing content, however). We need your input. 

We are particularly keen to get sample documents (e.g., confidentiality agreements, job postings, scopes of work, etc.) that can be used as templates or exemplars. There are places to upload such documents linked in the toolkit outline. 

There is also a database of known internship opportunities: Please add to it if you can.

This is an open-source project coordinated by EON. The more people contribute, the better the toolkit will be. The outline is open for modification until November 1, 2019. After that, we will begin assembling the final product, which we hope to have completed in late 2019/early 2020.

Questions or concerns? Contact [email protected] any time. 

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