IOA Leadership Onboarding Program Recap

By Steven Prevaux, JD, CO-OP®
IOA Vice President

IOA successfully launched a new Leadership Onboarding Program (LOP) with more than 30 IOA volunteers participating on 23 September 2020 using a virtual workshop format. We enjoyed an open dialogue with a meaningful exchange of diverse viewpoints and perspectives. A dynamic discussion of IOA leadership roles considered aspects of our “value proposition” through the lens of a focus question: “Why IOA?” Those two words sparked a range of honest, robust, and constructive responses from IOA leaders past, present, and emerging. To get a good sense of these timely and essential concerns check out the following video montage that includes thoughtful wisdom from a half-dozen veteran IOA leaders. 

Participants also explored the alignment of individual passions, talents, and skills with the IOA mission to advance our profession.  In the end, we shared a mutual desire to continue our transformation into a more transparent, inclusive, and effective organization.

A LOP workgroup of IOA Board Members and Committee Co-Chairs also developed a very useful repository of IOA leadership materials encompassing: Governance, Finances, Board & Executive Leadership, Committee Leadership & Functioning, and Committee Terms of Reference.  This IOA Leadership Document Resource is available for IOA members to download from the IOA Business, Planning, and Policy Documents webpage. Special thanks to Susan Casino, Julia Heck, Melanie Jagneaux, Mark Patterson, Christina Sabee, Tammy Sadler and Lee Twyman for their sustained efforts culminating intangible success.

IOA plans to hold the LOP annually for all IOA volunteers.

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