JIOA Call for Guest Editors

By Shannon Burton, PhD

Editor of the Journal of the International Ombudsman Association (JIOA)
University Ombudsperson - Michigan State University

With the publication of Part I of the Journal for the International Ombudsman Association’s (JIOA) Special Issue on Sexual Harassment and Discrimination, the JIOA is looking at the potential for future special issues.  As part of this initiative, we are placing a call for guest editors.

Themes for which the JIOA is searching for guest editors:

Prospective guest editors should have a strong background and network of contacts in one of the key themes listed above in order to successfully solicit papers, manage the peer-review process, ensure deadlines and maintain the JIOA’s publishing standards.

All interested guest editors are invited to submit a proposal (call for papers) in order to edit a thematic issue, as well as a timeline for production. The JIOA Editorial Board will consider proposed call for papers based on a clear commitment to the exploration of organizational ombuds practice. Special issues should be themed with at least five articles. Guest editors may submit their own research to their proposed special issue, but it must be handled by the JIOA Editor. 

Each guest editor is responsible:

  • For writing the call for articles (to be approved by the JIOA Editorial Board)
  • For all communications with authors
  • For the evaluation process of articles, which includes:
    • Finding additional reviewers so that each article is peer-reviewed (if needed)
    • Taking a decision regarding the final selection of articles in accordance with JIOA process/policy
    • Coordination with the JIOA Production Manager for review process, as well as publishing guidelines.
    • For basic editing regarding the form and style of each article (the guest editor should check whether references within the article are mentioned in the bibliography, whether the references listed the bibliography are all quoted in the article, and whether the template for JIOA articles is followed
    • For writing a guest editorial describing the guest editor’s intent in presenting the articles, addressing the issue at hand and summarizing the article themes

The position of guest editor is unpaid.

Please submit questions and/or your proposal to [email protected].  We would appreciate receiving indications of interest by July 1st, 2021.

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