A New Name, A New Logo, A New IOA Brand

What's Changing & How Will It Affect You?

In 2018, IOA began our journey to redefine the way we communicate about our association and about the organizational ombuds profession as a whole. Today, we are proud to announce and share the results of this effort.

Along with formally changing our organization's name to the “International Ombuds Association,”  we are releasing a new logo, revised color palette, and a refined branding style guide. This new branding helps us celebrate the growth and evolution of our organization and our profession. It reflects a modern interpretation of our core values and traditions while incorporating elements of our 2021-2024 Strategic Direction.

Thank You for Your Input

During this process, member input has driven the overall direction and design of this new modern look. Your responses to the member-driven 2020 Branding Survey, your comments and input on the revisions to IOA's Bylaws & Articles of Incorporation, as well as your feedback on the 2021 logo design concepts have helped IOA leadership to better understand what you think IOA's brand should convey and what imagery resonates most with you. 

Presenting IOA's New Logo!

About the New Logo

"This logo leverages a stylized aperture that speaks to the constructive problem-solving nature of the profession. It represents an IOA that creates and sustains collaborative, empowering relationships by means of examination and focus on the things seen and unseen. The inward spiral elements hint at collaboration and a culture of engagement that drives progress from the core of the organization."

What Happens Next?

IOA welcomes you to join us in celebrating this new direction. This message is simply a wide alert letting all ombuds know that updates are on the horizon. IOA will be rolling out this new brand and our official name change within the coming weeks starting with the launch of a new website. We will then be updating all of our marketing materials, and most importantly, the branded Standards of Practice & Code of Ethics (SOP & COE), which are currently undergoing revisions as well. Down the line, we will also be working with the Journal of the International Ombudsman Association (JIOA) team and the CO-OP® Board to update their branding.

In the meantime, take a moment to review this brand style guide to get an idea of what the new IOA brand will look and feel like.

How Should You Prepare?

We will be providing members with access to the new logo, badges, a member certificate, and more.

IOA is becoming a stronger, more inclusive, and more modern association full of bright and driven ombuds professionals, and our industry is making great strides in helping organizations navigate conflict. We encourage you to start thinking about how this rebranding may impact your ombuds office and your marketing materials. We will soon be releasing more detailed instructions on how you can update your information to reference IOA's new name, how to link to our website, and how to link to the SOP & COE. 

Impact on the Profession

At a time of accelerated change, ombuds are serving as trusted navigators, engaged by people and organizations to inform critical decisions for a lasting and positive impact. With a new name and new brand—built on a solid foundation of strategic planning and effective governance—IOA enters 2022 positioned for further growth as our members continue to help create and sustain strong and resilient communities, effective organizations, and collaborative, empowering professional relationships built on fairness, justice, equity, and inclusion.

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Ronnie Thomson - Thursday, February 10, 2022

Ready to order my new coffee mug and t-shirt. Thank you IOA Staff and the oh so many volunteers who have worked behind the scenes to make our new logo beautiful.

Don Lubach - Wednesday, February 09, 2022

APPROVE! Thanks to all worked hard to make this happen!

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