Highlighting the 2022 Practice Survey Report

By Jennifer Schneider, Mary Rowe, Tim Hedeen, and Hector Escalante, IOA Practice Survey Sub-Committee

IOA recently released the 2022 Practice Survey Report. The data shared in the report were gleaned from IOA’s Practice Survey, which was administered back in the spring. The report includes information about participants’ organizations, caseloads, issues, services and accomplishments.  

The 2021 calendar year brought many unique challenges that affected the work of ombuds. The IOA Practice Survey team added items that addressed the effects of COVID on ombuds work with visitors and with their organizations. These data suggest that over half of the most serious cases managed by ombuds were related to the pandemic. Concerns around work/life balance, return to work or school, safety and flexibility consumed much of the ombuds time during that year.

You will also note specific items regarding diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging (DIEB). The death of George Floyd, and the unrest that followed, raised complex concerns around DIEB matters as stakeholders demanded action from their organizational leaders. Almost all of the ombuds who participated in the IOA Practice Survey helped leaders in their organization manage issues of diversity, and over 75% reported contributing to significant systemic change related to DIEB within their organizations.

We hope that you enjoy perusing the information we’ve shared, and that you consider looking deeper into areas that interest you. IOA has administered several practice surveys to date, and we are sure that those data are rich with meaningful applications for practicing ombuds. If you are interested in further analysis, and have interest in contributing to the literature on our field, please contact the Research and Assessment Committee or any member of the Practice Survey Subcommittee: Mary Rowe, Tim Hedeen, Jen Schneider and Hector Escalante.



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