Organizational Ombuds’ Compensation, Reporting Lines, and Office Structures

IOA is collecting information on organizational ombuds’ compensation, reporting lines, and office structures, and we need your help! The information collected will be useful to: 

  • Ombuds who are hoping to expand or restructure their offices 
  • Ombuds trying to negotiate increases in compensation  
  • Ombuds seeking appropriate reporting structures 
  • Organizational leaders who are exploring the feasibility of an ombuds office 

The anonymity of all participants will be protected at all stages. Meaningful information will be shared in the form of statistical central tendencies (mean, median, mode, range), and no data will be reported on groups of fewer than five participants.

It’s safe, it’s easy, and it’s incredibly important! And it’s also short – only about 20 questions that should take fewer than 15 minutes to complete. Preview the survey instrument.

Take the Survey

If you hold multiple ombuds roles for different organizations, you will be asked to respond separately for each role—thus you'll take the survey again (and maybe again).

We hope you’ll see value in participating, and we look forward to sharing the findings with you. If you have any questions about this project, feel free to reach out to any of us.  

Your colleagues on the IOA Research & Assessment Committee survey team, 

Jennifer Schneider, USF, [email protected]

Hector Escalante, UC-Merced, [email protected]

Mary Rowe, MIT, [email protected]

Tim Hedeen, Kennesaw State U, [email protected]

Previous Reports

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