Annual Reporting: Some Inspiration

By Ellen Miller, Executive Director 

The Asian Development Bank’s Office of the Ombudsperson (ADB) issued its 2022 Annual Report in August. The ADB does a wonderful job turning data into stories and does not disappoint with its latest annual report using creative design, an engaging presentation format, and information offered through a variety of lenses. It can be found at and I encourage you to check it out.  

Many organizations opt to keep the annual report either on the organization’s intranet or confidential and just for the C-Suite. We understand that some organizations may not want recommendations to be public if included in your annual report. I would encourage you to post some kind of summary for public consumption about the kinds of issues you hear from visitors. Nothing demonstrates value more to possible visitors and other formal channels than an annual summary of the impact you made in your organization with stakeholders.  

Need more inspiration? IOA has been working with interns to compile some samples of the annual reports and website materials of others. Stay Tuned! And if you would like to have your annual report highlighted, send it my way.  We would love to cast a spotlight on your office and your work.    

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