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One-Time CO-OP® Amnesty Program
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The Board of Certification for Certified Organizational Ombudsman Practitioners® is offering a one-time amnesty program for individuals whose certification status lapsed before CO-OP® had established the Inactive CO-OP® Status.

Our records indicate that your CO-OP® status lapsed before the announcement of this new status on 1 April 2019. Which makes you eligible to apply for amnesty. The window for applications to receive amnesty is now open and will end on 30 November 2021.

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Under the Inactive Status, any CO-OP® who has experienced a change in job or is faced with organizational requirements which affect their ability to practice to the full extent of the IOA Standards of Practice & Code of Ethics or who is unable to obtain the required number of Professional Development Hours (PDHs) before their date of expiration, can apply to move to the Inactive Status.

During the time in which an individual is using the Inactive Status, they may not utilize the CO-OP® credential on resumes or business cards. However, they can apply for reinstatement once they are able once again to practice to SOPs or obtain the necessary number of PDHs, without retaking the exam or having to redo the CO-OP® application.

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Are you interested in gaining new recognition for your role as an organizational ombuds? Become a Certified Organizational Ombudsman Practitioner®.

The Board of Certification for Certified Organizational Ombudsman Practitioners® offers three levels of designation: CO-OP®, Candidate for CO-OP®, and Inactive CO-OP®. Learn more about each level by watching our quick intro video below.

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